sautéed onions + spinach + scrambled eggs

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like I said in my first post – I woke up this morning and decided today was the day I was finally going to get back on track. for the past year most of my breakfasts have consisted of luna bars on a good day or just a cup of coffee on the others. I’m not really sure why I do that to myself?.. I mean I wake up at least an hour before everyone else – sometimes two – that means I have more than enough time to make a legit breakfast and start the day off right.

this morning I was up way earlier than my kids so I just started searching through the fridge. my goal was to use all real ingredients and stay away from the pantry. I knew I had eggs and spinach so that became the plan and then I saw the onion on the counter and figured what the heck. I don’t really look at onions as ‘breakfast’ food but I didn’t use to look at spinach that way either. I think something I need to do is get out of these categories. foods aren’t just meant for breakfast or dinner or sometime in between – real fresh ingredients should have a green light at any time of the day.

these three ingredients are things that I almost always have on hand. eggs are always in the fridge. spinach is something I grab at the store without even thinking about it. and if we don’t have an onion that probably means we ate the last one for dinner the night before.

here's how easy this was to make:
- thinly slice half of a small onion. season with salt/pepper.
- chop a handful of spinach.
- scramble two eggs. season with salt/pepper.
- sauté the onions in a little bit of oil (I used olive oil) until they’re at the desired tenderness. add in the spinach so it can wilt. then pour in the seasoned scrambled eggs and stir until cooked through.

so simple and delish. makes me mad at myself for being so lazy the past year and a half. but I’m not going to dwell – I’m just going to go forward from here and work on making better choices for myself + my family.

what is your favorite go to simple + healthy breakfast?

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  1. Um. That sounds awesome. Also, I love that you started a food blog!