pb+‘j’ waffles

pb 'j' waffles white

if you haven’t put it together yet – I really like peanut butter. some days a good ol’ peanut butter + jelly sandwich just hits the spot. when I was little every pb+j had to have concord grape jelly. it had to be purple or I wasn’t going to touch it. thankfully I grew out of that phase a little while ago.

both zach and adie request strawberry jelly most of the time so that’s usually what’s in the fridge but this morning when I went to grab the jelly I realized the multiple pints of real strawberries taking up almost an entire shelf and grabbed them instead. I wasn’t sure if this substitution would fly since the texture would be different but they were actually excited about it! next time I’m thinking we should even add some banana slices into the mix.

pb 'j' waffles ingredients

- whole grain waffles. || we used frozen ones because I had them on hand but if you’re up for making fresh ones – go for it!
- peanut butter.
- sliced strawberries.
- toast your waffles + halve them. cover one side of waffle evenly with some ‘pb’. add on your ‘j’ or sliced strawberries. lastly, top with other half of waffle.
- yum.

this is such a great on-the-go breakfast since it’s so compact!
what are some of your favorite on-the-go meals?

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